Facts about liquid krill oil

  1. Azantis Inc. is the only krill oil manufacturer which markets liquid krill oil. This krill oil, unlike liquid fish oils, is dissolved in water and has a sweet orange taste. Krill phospholipids are polar fatty molecules which can be dissolved in water. The phospholipids form microscopic krill oil capsules which are evenly dispersed in the water solution. Azantis uses the polar properties of krill oil phospholipids to put a 25% krill oil solution in water. The product has no fishy smell and no fishy taste. Azantis markets the water based liquid krill oil under the brand AquaKrill Oil ™. The liquid is designed for blends in fruit juices, vitamin waters, and one shot vitamin drinks.
  2. Liquid krill oil is very well suited for liquid products for children and elderly, because of the reduced choking risk with the liquid formulas. In general, it’s the preferred method for anyone who doesn’t like pills.
  3. The product contains natural orange flavors, and tastes very similar to orange flavored vitamin water when it’s diluted with additional water. The best taste can be achieved with 9 parts water and 1 part AquaKrill.
  4. Shake the product well each time before using it.  When used in a water blend, or other drink, stir it well until the syrupy liquid is fully dissolved.
  5. AquaKrill Oil comes in 4 oz bottles (120 ml) and the recommended daily serving is 4 ml. So one bottle is good for one month. Four ml is a little bit less than one teaspoon (4.93 ml). The recommended daily serving contains 1,000 mg pure krill oil; the same as in two softgel krill oil capsules.
  6. As of the last review in February 2013, AquaKrill Oil can be purchased on the web from Primemetabolics.com or from Healthium.net. The first shop appears to be geared towards health care practitioners, giving volume discounts for 5 and 12 bottles. Healthium has the best price for retail customers.
  7. There are several websites with the best information about krill oil, omega-3 and phospholipids. The best place on the Internet to go for krill oil benefits information is WellWise.org. Usually they also have krill oil coupons listed.
  8. Liquid krill oil doesn’t need refrigeration until the bottle is opened. The AquaKrill bottle is sealed and is topped off with harmless nitrogen which protects the oily liquid against oxidation. Once the bottle is opened, it’s important to keep it cool.
  9. Raw krill oil doesn’t taste good. Dogs go crazy for raw krill oil. Mercola.com sells a liquid krill oil for dogs. It’s not for human consumption, because pure krill oil tastes outright awful. Maybe, that’s why dogs love it, and cats don’t. Humans don’t like the taste of raw krill oil either. But now there’s AquaKrill Oil by Azantis that’s formulated with an orange flavor for people who want to take krill oil in a liquid bulk format.
  10. An alternative to liquid krill oil is liquid fish oil. However, we all know how cod liver oil tastes. Better tasting than cod liver oil is CorOmega. They have a product made from fish oil that tastes similar to the AquaKrill oil. However, it’s made like an orange tasting mayonnaise, and comes in small, single serving sized packets that you squeeze into your mouth. CorOmega does not dissolve in water, because unlike krill oil, the fish oil doesn’t have omega 3 polar phospholipids.

Azantis states about the water liquid krill oil that “the omega-3 rich liquid krill oil, including the krill phospholipids, is now made available in a water solution for mixing and blending with other water based supplements, foods and drinks. Possible blend products are açai, noni, and other health juices and vitamin waters. The water soluble liquid krill oil is also available to supplement resellers and formulators for single shot vitamin blends. This water soluble krill oil is an industry first and opens the door to new applications for krill oil as a supplement. The aqua krill™ is based on 100% pure krill oil from Antarctic krill Euphausia superba. This application has a 25% krill oil concentration. Azantis Inc. developed the AquaKrill product together with solubilization specialist Empirical Labs in an exclusive arrangement.

The specifications of the liquid krill oil product by Azantis are tailored to the needs of supplement  formulators and resellers, and to functional food and drink manufacturers. “This is Antarctic pure krill oil fully dispersed in water with no fishy taste and no fishy smell. It’s a great addition to the innovative products that Azantis has created around the omega-3 phospholipid platform”, said John Schoonbrood, President for the Boulder, Colorado, based biotechnology company, Azantis Inc.

The Aquakrill is based on 100% purely krill oil from pure Antarctic krill Euphausia superba. Azantis markets the water solubilized liquid krill oil exclusively to resellers and formulators as bulk or in finished forms.

Azantis is a biotechnology company located in Boulder, Colorado. The company is specialized in novel food and supplement discovery, extraction, and marketing, especially from marine sources. Its signature product is krill oil; a high quality marine phospholipid with bonded omega-3, and astaxanthin.

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  1. Just wondering. I can’t take capsules. Does the Krill Oil come in Liquid or can I prick the capsules and take it that way?

    • krill oil has a very intense taste because the phospholipids bind with your taste buds. opening a softgel and taking the krill oil in liquid form that way is not recommended. unless you want to be a hero.

  2. I would like some liquid krill oil. Where can I buy some?

  3. Would like to buy bulk krill oil.

  4. Hi

    I am after some liquid krill oil but I want it 100% pure and unflavoured.

    Could you please advise of the best way of getting hold of this?


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